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Computer Peripherals

Computer Peripherals



A gamer is as only as good as his or her skills, but your equipment matters, too. If you’re ready for your precision and accuracy to be matched and complemented by some helpful peripherals, stand by.

Gaming keyboards are essential to your success and if your current keyboard just isn’t up to snuff, it may result in inaccurate shooting and less precise targeting. 


As a gamer, superior sound counts for a lot. You need to hear enemies tiptoeing up behind you for a sneak attack or a slight change in the atmospheric music signaling a new challenge or task. 

If you regularly engage in long gaming sessions, you know that comfort becomes a huge priority. With these headphones, you’ll enjoy a lightweight feel so you can power through your game without being distracted or constantly readjusting.


The gamepad has powerful custom intelligent software, buttons, joysticks, somatosensory, programming macros, trigger travel, vibration intensity, and lighting effects can all be customized. At the same time, the lights can flicker with the game scene, the vibration can vibrate with the scene, and coupled with the audio output, players can enjoy multi-dimensional immersion when playing.

GM7 Eagle six finger game controller

$ 8.90

Players who buy a game controller with higher prices should pay more attention to the quality and function of the handle, which can be used normally for a long period. The handle is an essential item for playing games. It can be said that it can't be replaced by any other substitutes, so when you buy a game controller, the choice of handle should pay more attention to the quality, feel and appearance. The quality of them directly determines the use life of the product. If the quality is poor, it may only last for a month or a few months.

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GM17 Wireless business keyboard and mouse set

$ 11.90

With the increasing popularity of the wireless era, wireless products have gradually entered our daily life. When using a computer, if you need to choose a wireless keyboard and mouse, what are the main parameters? Let's take a look Take a look at wireless keyboards and mice Wireless 2.4 G wireless connection is the most popular one at present, which has a strong compatibility and can be used for a long time with no charge. And the standard is USB receiver plug and play, support Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 operating system compatible computers and Mac OS X player. Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse are also very common, which can be used on almost any computer as long as there is Bluetooth function.

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GM16 Business keyboard and mouse set

$ 8.90

This is an office keyboard that is both efficient and elegant. Unlike gaming keyboards, which often have exaggerated and cool designs, the design of this keyboard is low-key and textured. In addition, it has built-in functional optimization that can adapt to various types of office operations. Designed to seamlessly blend into your work station, Enhance’s Office keyboard has a low-key design that creates a clean and inviting look. This ergonomic keyboard is designed to adapt to efficient operation of office scenarios, with functional optimization ideal for paperwork and more:

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W105 Joyful gaming headphones

$ 12.90

For an in-ear gaming headset, whether it can play the best experience in the game depends mainly on its parameters and performance configuration. Generally speaking, the parameters and performance configuration of the in-ear gaming headset mainly depends on the following indicators. The Voice Coil Unit is common in entry-level in-ear gaming headsets, usually, the voice coil unit diameter is larger, in the process of sound can be powerful to drive more air vibration, so you can send more low-frequency sound effects, for listening to the sound discrimination has a better help.

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W104 Drift gaming headphones

$ 12.90

Many people hold the opinion that the in-ear gaming headset is more suitable for them. This is mainly because they are relatively small and light, easy to carry and comfortable to wear, especially when they don’t have enough space to accommodate a full-sized headset. So if you like this kind of headphone frame, then choose in-ear headphones. The biggest difference between in-ear and head-mounted gaming headsets is the placement of the audio drivers. While in-ear gaming headsets are designed to fit directly into your ear canal, head-mounted gaming headsets rest on top of your noggin (with optional over ear support). Additionally, in-ear gaming headsets have smaller drivers which means less weight, though sometimes sacrificing sound quality due to driver size or materials used.

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W103 Magic tour gaming headphones

$ 12.90

In-ear gaming headset is designed to fit the natural curvature of the ear and provide enhanced comfort even during long hours of use. As for the shape of the ear, it is generally not straight, but rather upward sloping from front to back and from point A to point B. This is one of the reasons why so many in-ear headphones are designed with a slight curve that comes closer to following this nature (especially speaker size) yet still providing a stable seal between your ear and the driver. A good gaming headset is made up of many parts, such as the earcup, headband and wire, but in-ear headphones are the most important part.

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W102 Cool tour gaming headphones

$ 15.90

There is no doubt that when we play games, choosing the right headset is an important factor for many gamers. In order to enhance the immersive feeling of playing and increase the game experience, there are many different types of headphones on the market. This review will introduce some popular game headsets for you to choose from. The best gaming headsets mean nothing if they don’t have the right sound technology to go along with them. That’s why many companies are now bundling their headsets with over-the-ear earcups and built-in mic, as well as extra features like surround sound, volume control controls and even built-in equalizers. The right pair of gaming headset can make all the difference when playing games for hours on end, which is why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite gaming headsets currently available so you can get started on your search in the immediate future.

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S21 Magic shadow wireless bluetooth gaming earphone wireless Stereo noise cancelling Headphones

$ 24.90

With Bluetooth technology developing rapidly, there are many bluetooth products on the market nowadays. A Bluetooth headset is one of the most popular Bluetooth products. It lets you free yourself from wired headphones, loved by so many people that it’s almost a fashion statement. Then what are the benefits of using a Bluetooth headset? Let’s look at them in this article! The Bluetooth headset is not only a wireless headset, but also has more functions. So on the occasion of this hot season, what are the advantages of using Bluetooth headsets? Come and find out with us.

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EW13 Magic flow true wireless ENC noise cancelling bluetooth gaming headset

$ 21.90

Noise-canceling headphones are designed to reduce or eliminate ambient noise by using active or passive noise cancellation to create a neutral sound environment. This type of headphone has two types – active noise canceling and passive noise blocking. Active noise canceling is achieved by generating reverse sound waves that are equal in amplitude but opposite in phase to the first three or four unlabeled frequencies (for instance, 100Hz and 120Hz), which cause the total amplitude of the combined signal to be minimized when this signal is played back over air. Passive noise reduction relies on a physical barrier between the user's ear and external sounds — such as earmuffs mounted on headphones — to prevent surrounding sounds from entering the ear canals (as opposed to active noise cancellation, which creates an internal sound field that counteracts outside sounds).

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