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Keyboard And Mouse

Keyboard And Mouse


GM17 Wireless business keyboard and mouse set

$ 11.90

With the increasing popularity of the wireless era, wireless products have gradually entered our daily life. When using a computer, if you need to choose a wireless keyboard and mouse, what are the main parameters? Let's take a look Take a look at wireless keyboards and mice Wireless 2.4 G wireless connection is the most popular one at present, which has a strong compatibility and can be used for a long time with no charge. And the standard is USB receiver plug and play, support Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 operating system compatible computers and Mac OS X player. Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse are also very common, which can be used on almost any computer as long as there is Bluetooth function.

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GM16 Business keyboard and mouse set

$ 8.90

This is an office keyboard that is both efficient and elegant. Unlike gaming keyboards, which often have exaggerated and cool designs, the design of this keyboard is low-key and textured. In addition, it has built-in functional optimization that can adapt to various types of office operations. Designed to seamlessly blend into your work station, Enhance’s Office keyboard has a low-key design that creates a clean and inviting look. This ergonomic keyboard is designed to adapt to efficient operation of office scenarios, with functional optimization ideal for paperwork and more:

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