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Hvlanyn Y3 21.5 8G ram 256GB Intel Pentium G6405 Dual core AIO computer 10 points touch panel for Optional

$ 267.00 ~ 269.00

This touch screen all-in-one machine has been updated in technology, using a clearer high-resolution screen, with a three-dimensional model, presenting clear and intuitive search results. Users can also independently adjust the screen angle in the reading process, and the required information to take so that the results are more targeted. The main advantage of the touch screen all-in-one machine is its convenient life. Easy and fast input, touch technology, support USB interface touch screen, support handwriting input function. Touch without drift, automatic correction, precise operation. Touch with a finger and soft pen. High-density touch point distribution: over 10,000 touch points per square inch.

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Hvlanyn Y3 23.8 inch Core I7-10875H AIO PC All-in-one computer 8G ram 256GB

$ 377.00 ~ 381.00

Traditional desktop computers have a monitor and a separate computer case that holds the motherboard, hard drive, and all other components. AIO PCs differ, storing all components, bar the keyboard and mouse, into the monitor. Many AIO PCs feature integrated touch screen monitors, touch-pads, and solid-state disk drives and memory. They tend to have a smaller profile than other desktop computers, reduce clutter, and come with sleek designs. AIO PCs originally date back to the 1980s. The Apple iMac, which debuted in 1998, has been hailed as the first popular AIO. Other leading technology companies such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Microsoft also built early AIO PCs.

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