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27" all in one pc Intel Core I5-10400F Discrete Graphics GTX1650 4G gaming pc

$ 604.00 ~ 615.00

Comparing it to a traditional desktop computer can sometimes be more cost-effective depending on what you’re using the device for. Devices often come packaged with a branded wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, so you’ll have an entire computer that is functional immediately. With a traditional desktop computer, you’d usually need to buy the monitor, mouse & keyboard separately. The biggest thing is probably the portability. While a laptop will almost always be a better choice if you’re looking for a portable device, an all-in-one PC will be much easier to move than a traditional desktop computer. As mentioned above, only worrying about the single-unit AIO PC, as opposed to the desktop computer tower, monitor, and peripherals, you’ll be happy you bought an all-in-one computer on moving day.

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