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27 inch all in one computer Intel Core I7-12700F, Discrete Graphics GTX1050 4G gaming computer

$ 604.00 ~ 615.00

Computer operation, when using the monitor, pay attention to the monitor shell or cabinet shell does not squeeze their touch area. To avoid the phenomenon of letting the mouse has been at a point on the four sides of the monitor. The computer has been used for a long time, if it is pressed or squeezed too much and cannot be adjusted, you can adjust its position slightly by loosening its screws (if it is pressed). If you find that your monitor's shell is pressed, you can adjust the interval between the cabinet and monitor screen slightly larger. If the monitor shell has been squeezed at a point, also see if you can loosen some screws in turn.

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27 inch AIO PC Intel Core I5-12400F Discrete Graphics GTX1050 4G gaming computer

$ 461.50 ~ 469.50

Although the all-in-one computer has a not small size screen, due to cost constraints and other reasons, the monitor screen is generally selected from several non-major manufacturers of products, in the color gamut and color accuracy are lacking and ordinary players may not see. Professional gaming users need high-resolution and high quality images, and in fact will see details such as texture to determine success or failure. The use of a monitor that can meet the needs of our players is an important factor for us. The large monitor screen of the all-in-one computer is generally selected from several non-major manufacturers of products. Although this may not be a big problem for ordinary players, professional gamers will notice the difference.

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27" all in one pc Intel Core I5-10400F Discrete Graphics GTX1650 4G gaming pc

$ 604.00 ~ 615.00

Comparing it to a traditional desktop computer can sometimes be more cost-effective depending on what you’re using the device for. Devices often come packaged with a branded wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, so you’ll have an entire computer that is functional immediately. With a traditional desktop computer, you’d usually need to buy the monitor, mouse & keyboard separately. The biggest thing is probably the portability. While a laptop will almost always be a better choice if you’re looking for a portable device, an all-in-one PC will be much easier to move than a traditional desktop computer. As mentioned above, only worrying about the single-unit AIO PC, as opposed to the desktop computer tower, monitor, and peripherals, you’ll be happy you bought an all-in-one computer on moving day.

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