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All in one computer

All in one computer


An all-in-one PC is simply a computer that combines all desktop components into one. Unlike regular desktop computers, all-in-one desktop PCs don't have a separate tower.

Select 2023 high-quality AIO PCs in the best price and quality from Hvlanyn AIO - officially certified Chinese all-in-one PC manufacturers (all-in-one PC suppliers), one of the best desktop AIO solution providers (Desktop AIO suppliers).

Hvlanyn AIO is also one of the few all-in-one PC factories that have official technical support from Intel, which ensures the usability, reliability, and performance of desktop AIO products.

Find a great selection of all-in-one desktop computers that provide the computing power you need while maximizing space.

Advantages of All-in-One PCs

Less connection: The all-in-one computer has a certain similarity in appearance with the notebook computer, takes up less space and has no messy line connections. All the connections can be completed with only one power cord. It is very simple, no more than a desktop computer. Audio cables, video cables, etc.

Small footprint: The all-in-one computer is very similar in shape to a notebook computer and takes up little space. You only need a small table at home to work normally.

Low energy consumption: The all-in-one computer adopts a cooling system of LED LCD screen and heat pipe and a simple structure, which greatly reduces the energy consumption required for its use. Generally speaking, it only needs one-third of the energy consumption of a normal desktop computer. one.

Performance: Uses the same components as a desktop computer. The performance of a desktop computer is the same as that of an all-in-one computer, which can be expanded and upgraded. However, due to thermal constraints, the expansion space is not very large. Due to the thin thickness of many all-in-one computers, high-end discrete graphics cards cannot be used.

High integration: The all-in-one computer is highly integrated, with a host, audio, camera, microphone, Bluetooth, etc.

Fashionable appearance: The all-in-one computer is simple and fashionable, similar to that of a notebook, so its appearance can be made more fashionable, and it can have a visual beauty.

Hvlanyn Y4 21.5 inch AIO PC Intel Core I5-2410M Dual core

$ 168.00 ~ 170.00

A dual-core chip is a computer processor that has two computing cores. With dual core, can increase the computer’s computing power and at the same time, also has some characteristics which single-core does not have, such as being difficult to crash. There are two ways of design: one is installing the two single-core CPUs on a motherboard that supports dual-core; but this phenomenon is now mostly eliminated because of its size and heat problems; The other is a processor with two computing cores that are currently more popular. Dual-core is a computer with two computing cores, which can be used to increase the computing power of the computer. At the same time, dual-core also has some characteristics that single-core does not have, such as not being easy to crash.

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Hvlanyn Y4 21.5 inch AIO computer Intel Core I7-2670QM Four core 8G RAM SSD 256G

$ 185.00 ~ 187.00

With the development of wireless technology, all-in-one computer keyboard, mouse, and monitor can be wirelessly linked. This solves the problem of many mixed desktop cables that have been criticized. And the advantages of all-in-one computers continue to be accepted by people. How about all-in-one computers? All-in-one is a new form of computer that integrates the host part and monitor part together, and the innovation of this product lies in the high integration of internal components. With the development of wireless technology, all-in-one computer keyboard, mouse and monitor can be wirelessly linked, the machine only a power cord. This solves the problem of many mixed desktop cables that have been criticized.

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Halanyn Y4 21.5 inch Intel Core I3-2310M all in one pc personal AIO pc all-in-one pc desktop computer

$ 162.00 ~ 163.00

With the traditional PC market segmentation, today's ordinary desktop computers are being eaten up by mobile notebooks, all-in-one computers and another market. For consumers, there are more options for installing computers. In this paper, we will introduce to you the difference between a desktop computer and an all-in-one computer. When you consider whether to choose a desktop computer or all-in-one computer, the first and most important thing is that you know why you need it. What are your typical PC usages? If you use your PC mostly for web browsing and office work, the desktop computer is ideal for you because of its excellent performance. But if you need a machine more powerful with multi-functionality, the all-in-one computer may be a better option for you. Next, let's talk about the difference between desktop computers and all-in-one computers.

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Halanyn Y4 23.8 screen All-in-one Intel Core I5-2410M Professional Computer All-in-one PC

$ 177.00 ~ 178.00

Although laptops and desktops are the more common types of computers, all-in-one PCs are increasing in popularity. The main advantages of all-in-one computers are that they take up less space than traditional desktops and provide a more streamlined design. Today I will be introducing several factors to consider when purchasing an all-in-one computer. All-in-one computers are simply the best choice for home use! With a simple design and smaller body, you can easily place it in your living room or study. This is also very suitable for office use because all of its parts are built into the body, there are not so many messy cable ties.

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Hvlanyn Y4 23.8 inch Intel Core I7-2670QM all in one compute

$ 197.00 ~ 199.00

All-in-one computer refers to the desktop computer host and monitor integrated into the formation of a whole, as long as the keyboard and mouse connected to the monitor, the computer can be used normally. This solves the problem of many mixed desktop cables that have been criticized. In the existing and future market, with the desktop share gradually reduced, and then encounter the impact of all-in-one and notebooks and netbooks will certainly be more precarious. And the advantages of all-in-one computers continue to be accepted by people (foreign has become popular) to become another highlight of their choice.

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