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Mini PC

Mini PC


Mini PCs leverage the small, energy-efficient components from laptops to provide you with a surprising among of power in sizes that can be hidden behind a monitor. With mini PCs made for everything from media streaming to gaming and VR, there are mini stick PCs and mini desktops for almost everyone.

As a professional mini PC supplier and ODM mini PC manufacture, Hvlanyn AIO delivers quality turnkey solutions. All the features from CPU and platform to the COM ports and casing can be customized according to client’s requirement.

Hvlanyn AIO is a comprehensive mini PC solution provider. Go through our product range to understand the dynamics and shortlist the model that would fit your purpose.

Mini Intel Celeron N5095 Quad-Core office pc

$ 138.00 ~ 139.00

When computers were first introduced, you may be exposed to single-core and dual-core computers, and even now many computers are dual-core. But some computers are better configured and quad-core. Many computers are claiming that they are quad-core. Quad-core CPUs have been born for more than ten years. It is nothing new, but most software and applications have been poorly optimized for multi-core, so quad-core CPUs are up to now. still dominates the mainstream. A quad-core CPU has been born for more than ten years. It is nothing new, but most software and applications have been poorly optimized for multi-core, so quad-core CPUs are up to now. still dominates the mainstream.

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Mini PC Intel Core I5-6200U office computer

$ 234.00 ~ 236.00

Dual screen laptop is a new product trend. Many people work on dual screens to improve operational efficiency. Some laptop models provide Dual HDMI output, there are also mDP plus HDMI configurations, and those who love high-quality displays need to further confirm whether they support 4K video transmission. In addition to the screen output, you can also have other common I/O interfaces, such as USB, Thunderbolt 3, RJ45, etc., which can increase the convenience of use. Generally speaking, the larger size can provide a greater variety and number of connections, if the most important consideration is the compactness of the body, it may sacrifice part of the I/O interface types, and switch to an adapter or expansion kit to make up for it.

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Mini PC Intel Celeron N5095 Quad-Core pc computer office mini pc

$ 133.00 ~ 134.00

Although the mini computer market is still relatively small, but its popularity is always very high. With the development of technology, the performance and appearance of such a small size of computers are also constantly improving. Compared to notebook products and more freedom to choose the advantages of the screen, quite suitable for users with limited space and preference for large screens, and thus become the potential of the brands actively developed in recent years. However, such a small body should be equipped with what specifications, in the purchase and need to pay attention to what areas, to buy the use satisfactory goods? This must be a big problem for consumers who are new to these products.

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Mini PC Intel Core I5-7300HQ 8G RAM SSD 256G Win10 personal pc computer office mini pc

$ 278.00 ~ 280.00

The advantages of all-in-one computers are their portability and space saving. Compared to desktop computers, they are more slender and occupy less space. They also have many integrated components, making the working environment simpler and more convenient. All-in-one computers are a great way to save space and money. They can be placed anywhere in the house, no matter where you need to use them. They are slim, so you can even place them behind the TV in your living room. All-in-one PCs also create less heat than desktops, which means they're more likely to last longer and not have as many issues with performance over time.

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Mini PC Intel Core 8G RAM SSD 256G i3-10100 Win10 Mini Computer

$ 258.00 ~ 260.00

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Windows operating system, with improved performance and security, enhanced security, new device management capabilities with Microsoft Intune, improved deployment options and upgrading user switching to an all-digital platform. In the new Windows 10 operating system, there are many new design concepts and excellent user experiences. In terms of interface optimization, Win10 has a more beautiful design in terms of interface aesthetics, while the software not commonly used can be put into the Start menu, leaving the desktop a pure wallpaper panel. The advantages of Win10 Mini Office PC include interface optimization more beautiful, easy to use and convenient.

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Mini PC I5-10400 8G RAM SSD 256G Win10 Mini Small size Computer with Aluminum Case

$ 288.00 ~ 290.00

Material selection is an important part of laptop manufacturing. It affects not only the appearance, size and weight of the device but also its overall quality and durability. The main components of a notebook are: screen, body and battery. Currently, the most widely used notebook materials include: PPS; carbon fiber; metal (including titanium alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy and magnesium-aluminum alloy three materials); ABS engineering plastics. Different materials have different weight and performance characteristics. Engineers have used these to solve the issues of laptops' portability, durability, and form factor. With the development of various new materials, such as carbon fiber, metal alloy, engineering plastics etc., engineers are finding ways to eliminate the problems that these materials present.

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Office Mini Pc ,Mini PC 8G RAM SSD 256G I7-10700 mini desktop pc Multimedia Office Computer

$ 273.00 ~ 276.00

Standard desktop PCs are usually constrained to your office or home just based on the fact that transporting a monitor, tower, cables, and peripherals is a bit of a hassle. In the event that you have to transport an AiO PC, however, you're usually looking at a single unit with a cable; if you have an AiO with a touchscreen, you can also choose to forego carrying any peripherals, like a keyboard and mouse. Although AiO PCs are easier to transport than their standard desktop counterparts, you still want to grab a laptop if you're someone who is on the move more than you're stationary.

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