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Dual Vibrators – Gaming Controller Vibrating motors are embedded in the side grips and deliver distinct feedback during the game, enhancing the immersion and realism of the game scenarios. Bring you a fantastic gaming experience, to take your games to the next level.

Perfect Operation Design – Asymmetrical design of the joysticks is based on ergonomics and designed for the most comfortable thumb position. Ensure you optimal feeling when playing.

360 degree joysticks are smooth in rotation and have soft rubber tops so you can make those quick flick movements in the heat of battle. A dual motor setup underneath the grips offers great tactile feedback so you not only get to play your games with ease but also live them, thanks to timely and precise feedback to your hands, taking your gaming experience to the next level.

GM7 Eagle six finger game controller

$ 8.90

Players who buy a game controller with higher prices should pay more attention to the quality and function of the handle, which can be used normally for a long period. The handle is an essential item for playing games. It can be said that it can't be replaced by any other substitutes, so when you buy a game controller, the choice of handle should pay more attention to the quality, feel and appearance. The quality of them directly determines the use life of the product. If the quality is poor, it may only last for a month or a few months.

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