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Bluetooth Earphone

Bluetooth Earphone


tws wireless bluetooth earphones

Embedded with Bluetooth version 5.0, these OEM earphones come with the latest features available on the market. 

The USB connection and charging port increases the portability and the accessibility of Hvlanyn AIO earphones, while the 80mAh Lithium-ion battery provides the user's assurance that they will be able to enjoy their music throughout the day without any worry. Along with that, a Bluetooth operating distance of 10m guarantees that users can carry on with their work while listening to their favorite tunes or podcasts. 

In the current day and age of choices, Hvlanyn AIO tws wireless bluetooth earphones and custom molded wireless bluetooth earphones are compatible with both iOS as well as Android, so that our clients can cater to a wider audience. To make things sweeter, we provide our users with three sizes of silicone earbuds to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy their music without any hassle.

Our clients can customize the products according to their wishes, including the user manual on which we can revise the customers’ brand name and information. We provide our client's customization options regarding the packaging as well as the other accompaniments of the product. The inbuilt language of the system can also be modified in order to recognize various local languages.forefront.

S21 Magic shadow wireless bluetooth gaming earphone wireless Stereo noise cancelling Headphones

$ 24.90

With Bluetooth technology developing rapidly, there are many bluetooth products on the market nowadays. A Bluetooth headset is one of the most popular Bluetooth products. It lets you free yourself from wired headphones, loved by so many people that it’s almost a fashion statement. Then what are the benefits of using a Bluetooth headset? Let’s look at them in this article! The Bluetooth headset is not only a wireless headset, but also has more functions. So on the occasion of this hot season, what are the advantages of using Bluetooth headsets? Come and find out with us.

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EW13 Magic flow true wireless ENC noise cancelling bluetooth gaming headset

$ 21.90

Noise-canceling headphones are designed to reduce or eliminate ambient noise by using active or passive noise cancellation to create a neutral sound environment. This type of headphone has two types – active noise canceling and passive noise blocking. Active noise canceling is achieved by generating reverse sound waves that are equal in amplitude but opposite in phase to the first three or four unlabeled frequencies (for instance, 100Hz and 120Hz), which cause the total amplitude of the combined signal to be minimized when this signal is played back over air. Passive noise reduction relies on a physical barrier between the user's ear and external sounds — such as earmuffs mounted on headphones — to prevent surrounding sounds from entering the ear canals (as opposed to active noise cancellation, which creates an internal sound field that counteracts outside sounds).

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