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bluetooth 5.0 headset tws wireless distributor china

bluetooth 5.0 headset tws wireless distributor china

2022-10-14 14:05:37

In recent years, the market share of Bluetooth earphones has been higher than that of wired earphones, and a whirlwind has taken place in the world. Bluetooth earphones are also a good tool for sports people, in addition to common commuters, office workers, and business people. However, the Bluetooth headset is also an electronic product.


We collect some tips for the maintenance of the Bluetooth headset. As long as some simple maintenance, the service life of the earphones can be prolonged for a long time. Here are some recommended earphones maintenance methods.




Use, maintenance and protection of earphones


  1. When the earphone is taken away from the ear, please grasp the main body of the earphone and apply force. Do not pull the cable before taking out the ear, to avoid damage to the wire material after a long time, causing poor contact. (Don't worry about this when using a real wireless headset)


  1. For Bluetooth earphones with long wires, it is recommended to use a hub or cable clamp to avoid disconnecting the earphone cable when passing the MRT or railway.


  1. It must be used regularly. Electronic products should be used regularly. If they can be used once a week, the battery life will be improved.


  1. If the real wireless headset is stained with earwax when it is taken out, it should be cleaned before being put into the charging box to avoid affecting the internal parts.


Headphone placement


  1. It is better to use a hard box to protect the earphones when they are carried out of the street, because the soft earphones are squeezed, which also easy to causes earphones failures.


  1. When using earphones in rainy days or when sweating heavily, it is better to wipe the water off the earphones with toilet paper after use, and then put them back in the shade or protection box after being blown dry.


  1. After use, earphones should be stored in a clean and dry area, preferably in boxes or bags. The place where earphones are placed should be kept at a certain temperature, which should not be too high or too low.


  1. If the headset can be folded, try to follow the instructions of the original manufacturer and fold it before storing it.


Headset cleaning


  1. Some Bluetooth earphones are white or light colored, and the color will turn yellow after being used for a long time. You can use toothpaste to dip in water, and gently rub it back and forth along the body of the Bluetooth headset with a towel for several times. The color of the headset will recover its luster.


  1. For the maintenance of the silicone earplug of the headset, you can use a cotton swab to drop alcohol to clean it, which can not only remove bacteria but also remove the dirt in the silicone sleeve. If there is no alcohol, you can also remove the earplug, and then rinse it with water. After washing, gently put it dry, and then put the headset back. Whether you use alcohol or water to rinse, you should wait until the earplugs are completely dry before putting them back on the earphones to prevent water from entering the earphones.


  1. The earphone wire can be wiped regularly, but special attention should be paid to the earphone plug and connector to prevent poor contact in the future.


  1. The earphone earmuff usually has sweat stains because it is directly placed on the head. Therefore, when you sweat after use, you should remember to wipe off the sweat, otherwise it will cause corrosion to a certain extent.




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