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custom bluetooth 5.0 headset tws wireless factory

custom bluetooth 5.0 headset tws wireless factory

2022-10-13 18:02:50

With the continuous development of science and technology in modern society, Bluetooth technology is also constantly improving. Ten years ago, we could only use Bluetooth to transfer files and listen to music with wired headphones. However, with the development of smart phones, Bluetooth headphones seem to have become the first choice for people to use at ordinary times.


Most people will encounter some problems in the process of using Bluetooth headsets. Today, we will introduce some common problems and solutions in the process of using Bluetooth headsets.




Common problems and solutions of Bluetooth headset


In reality, we often encounter situations where the device cannot connect to Bluetooth. Why on earth? In fact, there are several possibilities for this.


✔️First connection


We need to know that the Bluetooth headset can not be used after it is turned on. Common Bluetooth headsets need to press the power on button for 6-7 seconds (or longer) when the phone is turned off for the first time when it is connected. The pairing mode will not be entered until the red and blue lights flash alternately. After that, we need to turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, click "Search for more devices", and after a short search, a device of your "Bluetooth headset model" will appear. For example, a device called PLT will appear in PLT. The next thing to do is to connect the device. The password to be entered should be the original password, which must be written in the user manual of the Bluetooth headset.


✔️Bluetooth headset program error


As the Bluetooth headset is also an electronic device that has just become popular in recent years, it is normal whether there is something wrong with its program. In this case, it is a good choice to restore the Bluetooth headset to its factory settings.


✔️Mobile Bluetooth program error


Sometimes even our mobile phones have some problems. At this time, we need to restart our mobile phones, clear the pairing data stored in Bluetooth, and then start searching Bluetooth again.


The Bluetooth headset is often disconnected. When we use Bluetooth earphones in daily life, sometimes the connection is successful but the connection is always disconnected. Generally, two situations may cause this problem.


We all know that Bluetooth earphones are different from ordinary earphones in that they need to be charged. When the Bluetooth headset has almost no power, it can still be turned on and connected to the device, but it will be disconnected soon after being connected. No matter how many times we repeat the operation, the result will be the same. So if your Bluetooth headset is always disconnected after connecting, it is likely that your headset will lose power.


The local signal is poor: Another common case is that earphones are obviously on our ears, but the wires are disconnected just after they are connected. The mobile signal in our place is likely very poor. At this time, we can take a look at the signal in the upper left corner of the mobile phone. If the signal is only one bar or not at all, it is normal to disconnect.


Last few words


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