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tws wireless bluetooth earphones 5.0 manufacturer china

tws wireless bluetooth earphones 5.0 manufacturer china

2022-10-14 14:19:09

In recent years, competitive games such as LOL and turret have always occupied the leading position of online games. As the saying goes, if you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools. As an operational game, good peripherals are also necessary equipment. In addition to mechanical keyboards and e-sports mice, which are known to most users, earphones are often neglected.


The victory or defeat is only in the electronic competition world between minutes and seconds. Peripheral equipment is crucial to the war situation! Different from the sensory priority of the real world, the E-sports world pays more attention to hearing, followed by vision. Excellent audio playback equipment can give you the ability to attack the enemy "beyond visual range". It has been said that the E-sports headset "can hear the footsteps of the river channel GANK in the middle." Think of the importance of e-sports earphones in peripherals!


In addition to the advantages of listening and position recognition, what are the important features of e-sports earphones?




Listening and position recognition:


The ability of hearing and position recognition is an important reference index of the E-sports earphones, which mainly depends on multi-channel. Its advantages lie in the ability of sound analysis and sound effect positioning, as well as the freedom of large dynamic and large scene sound field. The sound of small earphones or earplugs is dry and lacks hierarchy, which makes it impossible to reproduce the grand scene of the game; The music earphones with too strong bass have too strong sound, and the sound is exaggerated, which often highlights the effect and conceals the feedback of various sound details in the game.


The real game headset can accurately present the background music, footsteps, gunshots, and even echoes in the game, allowing you to detect the enemies hidden behind obstacles in advance, making the battlefield more transparent. At present, E-sports earphones with virtual multi-channel are the first choice for players.


High sensitivity:


  • sports earphones have high sensitivity and are specially optimized for the E-sports environment. In the game, it can give players an unimaginable sense of presence, and you will hear everything in any corner. At the same time, it has low impedance, high sensitivity, richer sound levels and details, and any sound card can be easily driven.


Frequency response range:


The frequency response of most earphones has reached the limit of the sound frequency that users can hear, so this value has no reference value.


Low impedance:


Impedance is an obstacle to the current in the circuit. The higher the sensitivity and the smaller the impedance, the easier the headset will sound and drive. The earphones with low impedance will sound louder on the same front device, but usually they have less sound level and detail. The earphones with impedance greater than 300 ohms are difficult to drive, so they need to cooperate with an external sound card or headphone amplifier to have better performance.


Wearing method:


Sports competitions usually consume a lot of time, so the comfort and sound insulation of earphones are also important factors in choosing earphones.
Comfort mainly focuses on the softness of the head beam and hood, the overall pressure on the head and the permeability of the earmuffs.


The sound insulation effect is mainly reflected in the wrapping and fitting of the ear, which can greatly eliminate the interference of external noise. Ear pads should be removable so that players can easily remove and replace them. When the ambient temperature is high, it is more appropriate to replace the ear pads with better ventilation.




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